Our Team

Our team is located in the centre of Vilnius, Lithuania‘s beutiful capital and concentrates it‘s work in Lithuania and neighbouring Baltic countries. We do however, frequently confer and collaborate with other terra firma offices in United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

Team leader Ramunė Baniulienė is a chartered landscape architect both in Lithuania (Ministry of Environment) and in UK (Landscape Institute).

Ramunė Sanderson, kraštovaizdžio architektūra

Ramunė Baniulienė
Director, Landscape Architect

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Emilija Armakauskaitė, kraštovaizdžio architektūra

Emilija Armakauskaitė

Landscape Architect

Linas Ūsas landscape architect

Linas Ūsas

Landcape Architect

Lionel Fanshawe Landscape Architecture Architect Director Team

Lionel Fanshawe

The terra firma Consultancy, Director, Senior Landscape Architect

Jamie Liversedge, kraštovaizdžio architektūra, tfLAB, terra firma consultancy

Jamie Liversedge

tfLAB Senior Landscape Architect

Daina Vanagaitė - Garbanovienė, landscape architecture, heritage

Daina Vanagaitė-Garbanovienė

Heritage Consultant

Kęstutis Aukselis, Kraštovaizdžio architektūra

Kęstutis Aukselis

Consultant, Dendrologist