Multifunctional center in Drujos street


This terra firma LT designed area includes site-wide landscape with winter and roof gardens. The new public realm around the building has provided the site with pedestrian and cycle paths that connect it with the wider context that includes Vilnius Old Town. Proposed large oak trees are planned to become long term local landmarks within the future cityscape. Decorative planting enhances the pedestrian experience as well as contributing to the local biodiversity and landscape character. New public spaces with seating and planting have been designed in front of building entrances. Due to the site‘s topography, some entrances are oversailed by new terraces that offer views towards Vilnia valley as well as a cosy sitting environment among planting. These terraces act as links betwen the outdoor landscape and the interior winter garden. The winter garden, located on the top floor, offers a lush green environment with vertical planting on the walls and free hanging planted wires, while allowing maximum use of the floor space. The top building floor also has an intensive green roof and restaurant terrace, offering views towards the picturesque skyline of Vilnius Old Town.

Landscape architecture
Concept and technical design

VPH Real Estate Development

Vilnius, Lithuania