Manufaktūrų street


An ambitious reconstruction project for an existing street that stretches from Drujos street towards the Vilnia river and includes the junction with Kaukysos street between Paupys and Markučiai districts in Vilnius. The landscape design for the street was based on the principles of GI (green infrastructure) in order to transform a typical grey infrastructure element into a vibrant space for pedestrians and cyclists with extensive native planting, comfortable street furniture and an entirely new visual appearance. This project joins up with our previously designed (2013-2015) „Skaiteks“ area and Vilnia riverside projects and links it‘s pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure with new proposals as well as continues the indigenous riverside planting scheme. The west side of the area includes a new square with leisure and playground elements. New paving and street furniture shapes the visual character of the area with a sculptural element providing a local landmark. Native planting enhances the biodiversity and provides seasonal interest.

Landscape architecture, Streetscape
Concept and technical design

VPH Real Estate Development
Vilnius City Municipality

Vilnius, Lithuania