Neris river banks


During 2016-2017 terra firma LT landscape architect Ramunė Baniulienė was working together with the city municipality company Vilniaus Planas delivering a project to renew the banks of the Neris river.

Vilnius is surrounded by hills and green forests, the city itself being the greenest European capital, however, the banks of the Neris river are dull and grey, constrained by concrete reinforcement measures. As such a very important linear open space running through the city center it was an important aspiration to substantially green the river corridor. This project delivers a new landscape quality to this part of the river; lively, unconstrained and natural.

Different character areas are proposed along the course of the river. All of them representing the immediate context and creating a strong sense of place. The banks of the river are planted with native shrubs. Massive areas of featureless grass have been converted into a live, lush, natural native meadow. The river landscape is enriched with trees that are typical to the river banks, while the White Bridge open space is planted with flowering native Lithuanian trees.

Planting concept and technical design

Vilniaus planas

Vilnius, Lithuania